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Broken Leg? Skip the Doctor, You’ll Be Fine!

You fall and break your leg. If you have some rudimentary information about first aid and anatomy, you can put a splint on your leg and painfully arrange the bones in a way that they will eventually heal.

You will get through it…and you are not likely to die. But in the end, your leg will ache for years. You will have a limp that limits your freedom of movement. And your quality of life will be worse than if you had sought professional help from a qualified physician.

If you have some knowledge based on your past experience, you can get through a beverage contract negotiation without professional help. But you will likely leave a lot of money on the table. Your contract will be loaded with language that limits your flexibility and harms your future freedom of movement. And in the end, your contract could have you aching for years.

Don’t go it alone. Get true, professional, insider advice and let the professionals do the work for you. At BevTrust Associates, we use the exact same financial models that the beverage companies finance departments use. Our professionals have a combined 35 years of beverage company executive experience, C-level foodservice experience, and have saved our clients over $1 billion.

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