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We saved our clients 
$180 Million in 2023

If we can't save you money, you don't pay

Why BevTrust?

We are the only firm with 35 years of executive-level soft drink experience, C-level restaurant experience, and real knowledge of the benchmarks and cost structures.

The biggest and most successful brands in the foodservice industry trust BevTrust to negotiate their beverage contracts. You should too. Contact BevTrust today.

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Meet the CEO, Benjamin Kitay

Ben served as Vice-President with the Coca-Cola Company in account management, finance, and general management roles. While with Coca-Cola USA, he examined every foodservice contract negotiation on behalf of the President of the Fountain division, affording him the opportunity to both study the complexities of every US fountain negotiation and understand the relative benchmarks.

Ben led the Foodservice/On Premise division of Coca-Cola’s most profitable market, Japan, overseeing relationships and negotiations with 400,000 restaurants, theme parks, and transportation venues, including Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, and all international foodservice brands.


Ben also served as:
President and COO of Sega Entertainment USA
Senior Vice President of Cinnabon
President of Sarku Japan Restaurants
Global Vice President for Beverages and Salty Snacks for Subway’s IPC


International: Ben personally negotiated contracts in 35 countries for several global brands, and brought them savings of hundreds of millions of dollars through soft drink negotiations with various beverage suppliers.


Contract Analysis

We use the same financial modeling that the soft drink companies use.  We’ll determine the value of your contract and benchmark it versus the industry.

RFP Planning

Looking for a guide
to navigate beverage contracts? Our comprehensive 40-point RFP process ensures that every aspect is thoroughly examined during
beverage negotiation.


BevTrust saves you money and gives you insider information about soft drink company behavior, negotiating strategies, and contract language land mines that lawyers often miss.

“We got a terrific soft drink contract”

We tried the other well-known beverage guy in the industry. He said he couldn't help us. Then we met BevTrust...we got a terrific soft drink contract. Couldn't have done it without BevTrust.
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Ron Dinella, CFO, Doc B's

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have a pretty good contract. Do I really need BevTrust? 

BevTrust’s free savings assessment will give you a full report on the value and relative worth of your contract. The contract will be analyzed with the same financial models that the soft drink finance managers use.  You can’t get that anywhere else.  Once you have the report, you can decide whether or not your contract is “pretty good”.

Do I really need to go through the standard terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb?

Without a doubt.  There is nothing standard about the standard terms and conditions.  And a large number of the contract land mines are in that section.  BevTrust can help you understand the implications of those clauses so that you can make good decisions about them.

I am already in a contract with a beverage partner, can you still help me?

No matter when your contract may end, you should always be laying the groundwork for the next negotiation. We are the only firm with 35 years of executive-level soft drink experience, C-level restaurant experience, and real knowledge of the benchmark, cost structures, and soft drink company tactics. If we can't save you money, you don't pay!

Let's get started on securing your legacy of great 
contracts and higher profit margins.

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